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Hey y'all. New site, new blog.

At a recent crit, a friend of mine suggested that I start blog. Here it is. Let's do this.

When I made my first site about a year ago, I then, too began a blog. It was supposed to be a sort of log of all the work that I was doing. But my work stalled for a bit and, with it, my blog. I'm looking to restart it now. This time around, things are going to be a bit different. I'll be writing about my own stuff, of course. But I'll also be delving into the work of some other artists who are also working in the domain of constructed languages.

Ha'! ghItlh mIr chu' vItagh jay'!

I slowly import some of the stuff from the old site here. Most of the projects I outlined still haven't been made, but it can still be quite useful to have a reference of where I'm coming from and where I'm going.

I'm unapologetically multilingual. Sometimes my blog posts might be in a language you might not recognize and that you might not be able to plug into an online translator. Sorry, not sorry. jIQoS 'ach jIQoSbe'. Désolé, pas désolé. mi ike taso mi ike ala. Some of languages besides English that I speak regularly with people are French, Klingon, toki pona, and Esperanto.

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