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I just got THIS amazing tome in the mail.

I've been hearing about Frédéric Werst's Ward books for years but until now I haven't been able to bite the nail and spend the money on them. They're not available as ebooks (in the U.S. anyway, though I believe I've seen an ebook on some French sites) and they're not available in English. Luckily, I speak French. Yay, me!

Werst (a pseudonym, I believe) is notorious for having "out-Tolkiened Tolkien." Not only is his world as sprawling and in-depth as Tolkien's, rich in its own myths and languages, but the work is a bilingual one, written first in the language of the Wards, Wardwesân, then translated into French.

I am thoroughly looking forward to digging into this text.

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